Everyone wants to think they're the best client, but what really makes the best client? Hint: It's probably not what you think it is!

Here's a basic guideline to being the best client EVER!



1. Book in Advance

We love clients who see the importance of securing the date of your service early. Not only does it show us that you find importance of booking your artist in advance, it also helps us build a relationship with you through communication! Not only that, but it allows us to book you at your preferred time, instead of having to fit you in when we have time.

2. Respect Your Artists Time

When you book with your makeup artist, they allot a specific amount of time to perform the service for you. Please be respectful of their time. Arrive on time, be makeup ready, put your phone away and relax during makeup application. Make sure if you have kids or pets that you have appropriate child or pet care so that you're wasting time out of the makeup chair. Most makeup artists charge overtime or will cut your service short if time is wasted.

3. Manage Your Expectations

I mean this in the most kind way, please do not show us a photo of J.Lo and expect to walk out of your appointment looking like her. Chances are, you don't like her and you will never look like her. Embrace your own beauty and provide us with inspiration photographs to base your look off of to enhance your natural features.

4. Reality Check

We ALL love Pinterest. Believe me, I get trapped on that site for hours pinning the most perfect photos in all of their own special boards. HOWEVER, Pinterest photos are literally a makeup artists worst nightmare! Not only are they severely photoshopped, most of the makeup inspiration photographs are of models who have major procedured features (like injected lips). The lighting, photoshop and unrealistic body images are exactly that... unrealistic. Reality check, you will not have someone holding a spotlight on you wherever you go, there is no such thing as a real life filter and overdrawing your lips by half an inch IS going to be very noticeable.. and no I wont do it.

5. Read The Contract

This seems like a pretty obvious one, but surprisingly a lot of people do not pay attention to what they are signing to and become frustrated with basic contractual policies. When you sign the dotted line, you are entering a legally binding agreement. Make sure to make notes of details that you may forget about (like cancellation policy, payment policy, timelines, restrictions, fees and dates). 

6. Don't Be Afraid To Hurt Our Feelings

Don't like something? Tell us! We are here to make YOU happy. The worst thing for us is your dissatisfaction. What is even worse? When you tell your friends you hate your makeup when you didn't give us the opportunity to fix it. Makeup artistry is subjective, we all love different things. Be vocal to your artist about what you love and what you don't. We will not take offence to changes you'd like to make. 

7. Pay On Time

Imagine your payday rolls around and that direct deposit didn't make it in your account. It's probably happened to you right? Do you remember how frustrated and stressed out you were? That's what happens to your makeup artist when your payment is late. Not only does it cause stress, but it also takes up more time having to follow up with you in regards to late payment. 

8. Tip Your Artist

Did you receive excellent service from your makeup artist? Tip them! Of course a tip is always optional and never expected, It shows your appreciation for them at a monetary level. Most times your artist will use this money to treat themselves to something special. When you get your hair done, you tip. When you get your nails done, you tip. Why not tip your makeup artist? If you don't want or a tip is not in your budget, leave a fantastic (honest) review of their services or write your artist a personal card! They will be VERY thankful regardless of what option you choose.

Bri Stein