One of the many decisions a bride-to-be makes for her special day is whether or not to have her makeup done professionally, or if she should do it herself. It may be appealing to save the cash, and do it yourself- because you do your own makeup all the time anyways. Your wedding day isn't just any other day!

Here's the top reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day!



You ARE worth looking and feeling your absolute best on your special day. You deserve to be pampered on your wedding day by a professional artist who cares just as much about making you happy and radiant as you care about marrying your sweetheart. You deserve to take a seat and relax, after all the stresses of wedding day planning. Let your artist guide you into relaxation and comfort for the hour of having your makeup day for the most important day of your life.




While searching for the perfect makeup artist you will likely receive a range of quotes. Always remember, you get what you pay for. Most reputable artists won't be cheap, but they will ensure that your experience with them will be pleasurable and that you will be happy with your look on your wedding day. Reputable artists know their worth and the importance, they will charge accordingly. There are a lot of factors put into each artists' pricing. For example: an artist who allocates $3,000+ a year in education will likely charge more because of the time and expenses involved in bettering their craft and providing a beyond average service to the client. Professional and reputable artist will also charge according to what they stock in their kit! If you are expecting brand names such as Chanel, Mac, Dior, YSL, Make Up For Ever, expect to pay your artist more than one who stocks drugstore or dollar store makeup. 

An experienced and professional artist will supply you with all the information you need to know about your appointment as well as have both parties sign a legal agreement which will protect both the client and artist. Don't be left in the dust on your wedding day by an artist who has bailed because they have not been secured with a legal contract. 

You can't afford to have your makeup artist not show up on your wedding day, or not show up with the proper products to fulfil the service. Like the popular quote we see on social media "you think it's expensive to hire a professional? Wait until you hire an amateur". I receive emails during the wedding season regularly about how the budget artist they hired was unprofessional, cancelled unexpectedly or provided a less-than-quality service on the client and need a replacement artist to save their day.

Save your hard earned money and budget for a professional artist who will be sure to make you happy!




Makeup application for your wedding day is very different than makeup for an everyday look at the office or workplace. Your makeup artist will have a selection of products that when used with professional techniques will create a look that will photograph beautifully in both natural and artificial lighting. There are certain ingredients to stray away from when the photographer will be using flash photography to capture photos of you. A professional makeup artist will know exactly what to use and what not to use for your skin type and desired look to make sure that you look great in person and in photographs to be remembered for the rest of your life.

All of us love seeing new trends and jaw dropping techniques seen on social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. What most clients don't realize is that a lot of these trends we are seeing are non-sense and impractical. Makeup is not a once size fits all, it's a custom craft that is tailored to your preferences, skin type, face shape and many other factors. Most of the unusual technique videos or photos we see on social platforms are there to get views to make money, not because they work. In fact, most of these techniques you see are never used by professional makeup artists- only makeup enthusiasts who do not understand colour theory, body chemistry and the accurate way to apply products. 




Have confidence in your artist that they will provide you with a beautiful look on your wedding day. Have confidence that you have signed a legally binding agreement that they will show up on your wedding day and meet or exceed your personal expectations as a professional. Have confidence that the artist will be able to problem solve if there are any issues that arise on the wedding day, this isn't our first rodeo! I can't even count on my fingers how many times I had to problem solve- even if it didn't involve me! Everything to someone spilling wine on their dress and providing them with some Tide-To-Go, or coming up with a solution for a bridesmaid who brought the wrong coloured underwear! (Yes, I keep extra brand new nude seamless panties in my kit-just in case!).

A professional makeup artist should be prepared for anything that arises. We've serviced hundreds of weddings, and we know exactly what to expect! And how to deal with the unexpected!


Imagine hearing a knock on your door and opening the door to a family friend who agreed to do your makeup in her PJ's with her own makeup bag in hand! When you hire a professional artist you are hiring someone who does this as a profession. You can expect them to arrive rested, tidy and dressed professionally to service your wedding. I personally have a standard to keep to for my brides. I avoid wearing bright colours to avoid any reflection onto the clients' skin to ensure my colour accuracy is the best it can be. My hands are always well manicured- you always want nice fingers in your makeup application photos! Dressing respective to the clients is also extremely important! 

A professional makeup artist will also always provide easy and efficient communication with their client. Email is the most professional platform to use when corresponding with your artist as it will document all conversations for your own records. Be weary of artists who communicate through more than one platform as it's easy to have misunderstandings happen because of that!




One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional makeup artist is that the artist cares about your comfort and experience. A mobile makeup artist will arrive at your desired location and provide the luxury of not having to trek through town on your wedding day. This way you can relax with a mimosa and enjoy the company of your bridal party. Let your makeup artist take care of you and your needs for your special day. Let the stress of the day melt away while you have your makeup done. 




Unfortunately sanitation and cleanliness is one of the most over looked aspects of the beauty industry. Did you know that you can contract things like cold sores (Herpes Simplex Virus type 1), Staph Infection, Pink Eye and all sorts of other nasty things? A professional makeup artists will know the proper procedures to ensure client and artist safety. Make sure to talk to your artist about what methods they use, and if they are hesitant... move on and find someone who knows proper procedure when it comes to sanitation! A professional makeup artist should never double dip or use products directly from the tube on you- if they attempt to, refuse and demand they use proper sanitation procedures before continuing. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the top reasons to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day!

Please share with any brides-to-be who may be searching for a makeup artist for their special day! x

Bri Stein