Today, while doing my usual browse through Facebook I came across this topic...

I couldn't help myself, and I began to read through the comments. I noticed that a LOT of the comments are coming from photographers, videographers and wedding planners who put the blame on hair and makeup artists who ran late causing havoc on the bridal timeline.

While this comes as no surprise to me, hair and makeup are late a LOT of the time.. but why? Let me tell you.


I say this in the most polite way possible, with a little bit of cheekiness. If your hair/makeup artist are reputable and professional they will be on time and ready to go to ensure the schedule is perfectly on time. We depend on our clients to ensure we stay on time.


When a bride hires us for her big day, she signs a contract stating the start and finish time of all makeup services. We do our best to suggest a proper timeline to complete all services that are contracted in a timely manner.  Most artists do factor in a buffer time, but time is money and often we have multiple bookings in a day that we have to complete, so running on time is our first goal with any job. Each minute is important, and time wasted puts a lot of unnecessary stress on the hair and makeup artists.


This label is often used amongst the bridal party for whoever is to start first. No one wants to be the guinea pig. While this is not our first rodeo, and no one is actually a guinea pig no one EVER wants to go first. I'm not sure why. Maybe they think their hair/makeup won't last? (it will). Or maybe they don't trust us because they haven't seen our work? (you should!). Either way, the longer it takes for the first person to sit in our chair, the longer the whole day will take.



Most brides have never been married before, so they do not know exactly what to expect. This is why we always recommend hiring a wedding planner for your big day! The biggest mistakes that I have seen are when hair/makeup are scheduled too close to the ceremony time, or interlap with the photography/videography time. Things usually take longer than expected, so be sure that if you're planning your own wedding that you communicate well with all of your vendors and ensure buffer time!



Timing is going to be mentioned a lot in this blog post, because it's so important. When an appointment is set for 8:00AM we expect our client in our chair at this exact time, no later. Each appointment has a specific time required to complete the service to the clients satisfaction. 

Almost every bridal party I do, there is at least one person who is running late. This person, usually a bridesmaid has forgotten something in their room, was completing tasks delegated to them from the bride, or had personal issues that needed to be taken care of. While I do understand that things happen, every minute that someone is late, will affect the overall timeline.



"I need to brush my teeth". "I haven't showered yet". "I need to eat breakfast". These are all common things that I've heard while trying to stay on time. Being unprepared for your makeup service is the #1 reason why it causes us to run late. If you're unsure on how to be prepared for your hair and makeup artist, ask them prior to the date to send you a guideline. Here's a cheat sheet for you:

  • Arrive with a makeup-free, clean face

  • Eat/Drink before your appointment 

  • Take care of personal hygiene before your appointment (shower, brushing teeth/hair etc)

  • Put away your cellphone



More often than not, once the room full of ladies sees the final result of hair/makeup SOMEONE wants to be added on who originally was not booked. We try our hardest to accommodate because we want you to be happy. We always service the people who booked their services in advance first, and last minute appointments are booked after contracted services are complete, if time permits.


I cannot believe I'm having to write this, but this seems to be the new norm. Those last minute DIY projects that haven't turned out as expected and cause the bride to have a meltdown. These tasks should be completed and delegated to appropriate people much before the wedding day to avoid any interruptions in your beauty timeline.


Someone knocking on the door on the wedding day is a constant. Whether it be the wedding planner, bridesmaids, moms, grandma, photographer, florist, videographer etc. SOMEONE is always wanting to say hi. This sounds harmless, but it seriously affects the beauty timeline. We love your vendors as much as you do and love to say Hi as well, and we will! But we recommend saving the conversations to when you're finished in the makeup/hair chair!


I hope you all had fun reading this and will keep these topics in mind for the wedding day!

Bri Stein