Your special day is on it's way! Here are some tips and guidelines to make sure you and your bridal party are ready for the big day!


Please take great care of your skin prior to the big date, great skin means great makeup!

Use a skincare regimen designed for your skin type to keep skin hydrated as possible while treating other skin concerns

If you need help with your skincare, please book a lesson or see a dermatologist where products and regime will be recommended

Wear SPF to protect your skin from sun damage and tan lines... and skin cancer!

Absolutely no facial waxing less than 2 days before wedding date - makeup will not adhere to freshly waxed skin

Makeup Artist Requirements

Please notify us before wedding date of any allergies that the bride or bridal party may have

Please have a clean, open space with table near natural light available for us upon arrival


Please have a copy of the makeup/hair schedule handy for everyone to look at on the wedding day

Please allow for 45 minutes per bridesmaid/mother and 60 minutes for the bride

Be sure to account for the time it takes for everyone to get dress and accessorized before the ceremony or photographs


Please brush your teeth and take care of personal hygiene before your appointment time

Please arrive with a clean face, moisturizer is okay. Anyone who arrives with an unclean face will be required to wash their face before appointment starts, and your appointment will be shortened by the time it takes to avoid delay into the next appointment 

Please have a photo of reference of the desired look

Absolutely no cell-phones during makeup application

Please, no leaving the chair during makeup application. Please use the restroom, finish tasks etc before or after your appointment

A Few Other Tips

Be aware that facials, chemical peels and other aesthetic services can cause reactions. It is best to receive any services at least two weeks prior to your wedding date

Waxing can cause redness, bumps and peeling. Waxing should be done 3-5 days prior to wedding date 

Spray tanning usually looks most natural 3 days after it has been applied. Please consider this when scheduling any tanning services for your wedding, be sure to have a trial run with your spray tan so you know what to expect!